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Escalator Cleaner, Travelator Deep Clean, Stair Extractor

Duplex Escalator - Floor Scrubber for Escalators and Travelators

Cleans to the edge

The offset brush as with any Duplex floor scrubber allows the machine to clean right to the edge of the escalator. The machine is reversed and the process repeated on the opposite side.

Stationary Position

The Duplex Escalator cleaner is placed at the bottom of the escalator and is locked in a stationary position. This requires no lifting up and down the escalator for maximum cleaning with minimum effort.

Guide rail system

The patented guide rail system on the Duplex Escalator cleaner keeps the machine locked to the path of the escalator. The guide system eliminates side swaying of the cleaner ensuring a consistent clean.

Central Recovery Tank

The dirt and grime is scrubbed off the escalator, transported to the conveyers and into the central recovery tank for emptying.

Time is Money!

The Duplex Escalator cleaner takes just 45 minutes to sweep and crub the escalator without the need to dismantle

The Duplex Escalator Cleaner is a version of the robust Duplex Floor Scrubber that has been modified to be a stationary escalator cleaner. It combines sweeping and crubbing to attain new standards of escalator cleaning, width extra long brushes and a patented guide rail system.

Where Should I Use A Duplex Escalator?

The initial reaction on entering a facility is extramely important. Escalators are often the focal point inside many buildings. Having a dirty escalator can often five the visitor a negative imprssion, which can often be detrimental to your company. It is the ideal solution for all escalators in:

  • School Centers
  • Airports
  • Mass distribution outlets
  • Hospitals
  • Railway stations
  • Exhibition pavilions
Duplex 620
Extra long brushes
Vacuum attachment

Unique Features

OH&S Friendly

Dual-direction; the original design and versatility of the Duplex allows bi-directional cleaning.

With the brushes working to the edge on one side, a fluid movement to change handle position allows cleaning up to every edge without having to lift or turn the machine.

Thorough floor cleaning, even in the most hard to reach areas: under furniture, along skirting boards and in corners.

  • Two large contra-rotating cylindrical brushes
  • Liquid distribution for each brush
  • Double dirt recovery system
  • Removable recovery tank
  • Automatic electrical protection system
  • Three operating functions: washing only, washing and collection polishing
  • Carpet and mat cleaning using the unique (splitting hair) system
Dual Direction

How Duplex Escalator works

To start the machine simply lower the handle slightly. Pull the trigger to release water and detergent.

Cylindrical brushes flick dirt onto rotating belts which carry it to a central recovery tank.

This tank is reasily removed for emptying.

To stop the machine simply raise the handle back to the upright position.

Dual Directions
Clean to the right edges

Dual Directions

At the squeeze of the trigger, dual large capacity clean solution tanks dispense liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes that actively scrub the water into the floor to break up grime. The twin converyors then simultaneously lift he grime from the brushes to a central recovery tank.

All tanks lift straight out for fast and easy filling or emptying.