Start Carpet Cleaning Business with Duplex Cleaning, Equip with Our Popular Compact Carpet Washer

Start a carpet cleaning business

Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunities in HK For Sale

Looking at the opportunity of starting up a carpet business in HK?

Duplex Cleaning Machines have business opportunities for sale to start up your very own carpet cleaning business. So if you desire a start up carpet cleaning business for sale with a low initial investment and overheads, then read about Duplex Cleaning Machines great start up carpet cleaning business opportunities for sale.

In Singapore there is a growing demand for carpet cleaning services given the popularity of carpet in both domestic and commercial environments. Almost every house or building in Singapore contains carpet that needs to be cleaned and that is why carpet cleaning businesses have been successful for many years.

The Duplex Cleaning Machines start up carpet cleaning business opportunities for sale are unique. There are no franchise fees, lengthy contracts or huge investment requirements. Instead Duplex offers you the opportunity to start your very own “run as you please” carpet cleaning business where the decisions and all the profit are yours. You can work as much as you like, where you like and when you like.

What Duplex Cleaning Machines provides with start up carpet cleaning business opportunities for sale is top quality carpet cleaning equipment, full product training and business advice to start your own successful carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaning Business

7 great reasons to start your carpet cleaning business with Duplex products:

1. Industry leading products that produce quality results.
2. Versatile products that cleans many floor surfaces.
3. Up to 400% faster than other carpet cleaning methods.
4. Easy to operate products - Save you back and shoulders.
5. Low capital investment – quick return of investment.
6. Super fast set up/pack up – more time for other jobs.
7. Ecological products – water & chemical efficient products.

Simply put Duplex Cleaning Machines carpet cleaning products produce great cleaning results, on many surfaces, in shorter times, with less effort, are more environmentally friendly and are more economical than traditional carpet cleaning methods.